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A Form Two class was selected to be the sample study through clustered random sampling.

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The pilot study was conducted for two months and one topic had been studied. The Mi-T 2 module was evaluated by five expert panels to determine the content validity of the module. The instruments being used in the study were questionnaires about the necessity of the Mi-T 2 module for guidance, questionnaires about the validity of the module and questionnaires concerning the reliability of the module.

Statistical analysis was conducted to determine the validity and reliability coefficients of the Mi-T 2 module. The content validity of Mi-T 2 module was determined by Cohen's Kappa's agreement coefficient and the reliability of Mi-T 2 module was determined by Cronbach Alpha's value scale.

The content validity of Mi-T 2 module was 0. The MIT assessment of the Mars One mission plan reveals design assumptions that would cause significant difficulties. Growing crops in the crew chamber produces excessive oxygen levels. The required spare parts cause a large and increasing launch mass logistics burden.

Finite Elemente Modellierung Und Simulation Von Geometrisch Exakten Timoshenko Balken By Clerici M

Growing food requires more mass than sending food from Earth. The Mars One habitat design is similar to past concepts but does not incorporate current knowledge. The MIT tool showed the need for separate crop and crew chambers, the large spare parts logistics, that crops require more mass than Earth food, and that more spares are needed if reliability is lower. Interestingly, the results produced by the architecture analysis tool - separate crop chamber, large spares mass, large crop chamber mass, and low reliability requiring more spares - were also well known.

A common approach to ECLS architecture analysis is to build a complex model that is intended to be all-inclusive and is hoped will help solve all design problems. Such models can struggle to replicate obvious and well-known results and are often unable to answer unanticipated new questions. A better approach would be to survey the literature for background knowledge and then directly analyze the important problems.

Elastolysen und Hauterkrankungen mit Verlust der elastischen Fasern. Helicobacter sp. MIT infection during fetal and neonatal life in laboratory mice. No fetal infections with MIT were detected at days after pregnancy in any mouse strain. The present results indicated that MIT infects newborn mice after birth rather than by vertical transmission to the fetus via the placenta and that MIT infection shows opportunistically negative effects on the birth rate.

In addition, the maternal immune response may affect infection of newborn mice with MIT through breast milk. PubMed Central. No fetal infections with MIT were detected at 16—18 days after pregnancy in any mouse strain. Dyna MIT : the dynamic motif integration toolkit. De-novo motif search is a frequently applied bioinformatics procedure to identify and prioritize recurrent elements in sequences sets for biological investigation, such as the ones derived from high-throughput differential expression experiments. Several algorithms have been developed to perform motif search, employing widely different approaches and often giving divergent results.

In order to maximize the power of these investigations and ultimately be able to draft solid biological hypotheses, there is the need for applying multiple tools on the same sequences and merge the obtained results. However, motif reporting formats and statistical evaluation methods currently make such an integration task difficult to perform and mostly restricted to specific scenarios. We thus introduce here the Dynamic Motif Integration Toolkit Dyna MIT , an extremely flexible platform allowing to identify motifs employing multiple algorithms, integrate them by means of a user-selected strategy and visualize results in several ways; furthermore, the platform is user-extendible in all its aspects.

Seeking to generate excitement in young people about science and engineering, the PSFC hosts a number of educational outreach activities and tours throughout the year, including Middle and High School Outreach Days. The PSFC also has an in-school science demonstration program on the theme of magnetism.

As ''Mr. Magnet'' Technical Supervisor Paul Thomas brings a truck-load of hands-on demonstrations to K schools, challenging students to help him with experiments. While teaching fundamentals of magnetism and electricity he shows that science is fun for all, and that any student can have a career in science.

This year he taught at 75 schools and other events, reaching 30, teachers and students. He has expanded his teaching to include an interactive demonstration of plasma, encouraging participants to investigate plasma properties with audiovisual, electromagnetic, and spectroscopic techniques. The microtubule interacting and trafficking MIT domain is a small protein module that is conserved in proteins of diverged function, such as Vps4, spastin and sorting nexin 15 SNX The molecular function of the MIT domain is protein-protein interaction, in which the domain recognizes peptides containing MIT -interacting motifs.

Recently, we identified an evolutionarily related domain, 'variant' MIT domain at the N-terminal region of the microtubule severing enzyme katanin p We propose that the MIT domain is a novel membrane-associating domain involved in endosomal trafficking. Additional information is contained in the original extended abstract. He is the lead innovator behind many cutting-edge learning technologies and projects for children, including the Computer Clubhouse, PicoCrickets, and the wildly successful consumer….

EDU system, which demonstrates the potential of using a distributed mobile device architecture for rapid prototyping of wireless mobile multi-user applications for use in classroom settings. EDU is a stable, accessible system that combines inexpensive, commodity hardware, a flexible…. MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Integrated Modeling and Analysis Software LLIMAS enables the development of novel engineering solutions for advanced prototype systems through unique insights into engineering performance and interdisciplinary behavior to meet challenging size, weight, power, environmental, and performance requirements.

LLIMAS is a multidisciplinary design optimization tool that wraps numerical optimization algorithms around an integrated framework of structural, thermal, optical, stray light, and computational fluid dynamics analysis capabilities. LLIMAS software is highly extensible and has developed organically across a variety of technologies including laser communications, directed energy, photometric detectors, chemical sensing, laser radar, and imaging systems. The custom software architecture leverages the capabilities of existing industry standard commercial software and supports the incorporation of internally developed tools.

A Telescience Life Sciences Testbed is being developed. The first phase of this effort consisted of defining the experiments to be performed, investigating the various possible means of communication between KSC and MIT , and developing software and hardware support. These two experiments were meant to simulate actual experiments that might be performed on the Space Station and to be representative of space life sciences experiments in general in their use of crew time and communications resources.


MiT family translocation renal cell carcinoma. Gene fusions involving two of these transcription factors have been identified in renal cell carcinoma RCC. These two subtypes of translocation RCC have many similarities. Both were initially described in and disproportionately involve young patients, though adult translocation RCC may overall outnumber pediatric cases.

Both often have unusual and distinctive morphologies; the Xp11 translocation RCCs frequently have clear cells with papillary architecture and abundant psammomatous bodies, while the t 6;11 RCCs frequently have a biphasic appearance with both large and small epithelioid cells and nodules of basement membrane material. However, the morphology of these two neoplasms can overlap, with one mimicking the other. Finally, TFE3 and TFEB have overlapping functional activity as these two transcription factors frequently heterodimerize and bind to the same targets.

Therefore, on the basis of clinical, morphologic, immunohistochemical, and genetic similarities, the ISUP Vancouver classification of renal neoplasia grouped these two neoplasms together under the heading of " MiT family translocation RCC. All rights reserved. Die Komplikationen begannen mit einer unspezifischen Schwellung.

Die Zusammensetzung des inkorporierten Farbstoffs wurde mittels Rasterelektronenmikroskopie in Kombination mit energiedispersiver Elementanalyse analysiert. Zur weiteren Charakterisierung wurden Thermogravimetrie und Pulverdiffraktometrie eingesetzt. European Longitudinal Sector.

Due to the selection of exsisting ionospheric models for incorporation into the created System of Ionospheric Monotoring and Prediction of the Russian Federation, the model of the main ionospheric trough SM- MIT is tested with the data from ground-based ionospheric observations in the European longitudinal sector.

The verification results have shown that the available SM- MIT model must be completed for practical use. The Micro Imaging Technology MIT Rapid Microbial Identification RMID System is a device that uses the principles of light scattering coupled with proprietary algorithms to identify bacteria after being cultured and placed in a vial of filtered water. This specific method is for pure culture identification of Listeria spp. A total of 81 microorganisms 55 isolates were tested by the MIT System, of which 25 were Listeria spp.

In addition, a total of tests over seven different ruggedness parameters were tested by the MIT System to determine its flexibility to the specifications stated in the MIT System User Guide in areas where they might be deviated by a user to shorten the test cycle.

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This report discusses the tests performed, results achieved, and conclusions, along with several reference documents to enable a higher understanding of the technology used by the MIT System. Die beteiligten Personen wurden auch gebeten, an einer Nebenstudie teilzunehmen, die ihren Gebrauch von KAM erfassen sollte.

The odd behavior is chilling current theories of stellar physics. A famously battered neutron star named KS appears no hotter than some of its tranquil brethren, despite enduring the heat of constant thermonuclear explosions with the force of billions of hydrogen bombs every second across a region only a few miles wide for the past 12 years. Rudi Wijnands, an astrophysicist at MIT 's Center for Space Research, used the Chandra X-ray Observatory to measure the temperature of the neutron star at a very opportune moment, only months after the nuclear war apparently ended and the smoke cleared.

He presented his team's findings September 5 in Washington, D. Either explanation has profound implications for our field. They are created in dazzling supernovas, in which the outer shell of the star explodes into space, and the core, containing about as much mass as the Sun, implodes and collapses into a sphere no wider than Cambridge, Massachusetts. Despite their tiny size, neutron stars are visible in several ways. One is through accretion. Neutron stars are a strong source of gravity. When they exist in binary star systems, such as KS , they can attract the gas from what is often a "healthy" hydrogen-burning companion star although the nature of KS 's companion is not clear.

Practice School in Japan. Describes the establishment, benefits, and difficulties of an overseas branch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's MIT chemical engineering Practice School for student internship study at the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation's Mizushima Plant in Kurashiki, Japan. River bathymetry and topographic data of the river channels are needed for the study to construct hydraulic models.

River survey data were available for most of the study area, but river bathymetry and near-river topography were not available for Selah Gap, near the confluence of the Naches and Yakima Rivers, and for Union Gap. In August , the U. Geological Survey surveyed the areas where data were not available. An RTK GPS rover was used on a walking survey of the river banks, shallow river areas, and river bed areas that were impenetrable to the echo sounder because of high densities of macrophytes.

After the data were edited, 95, bathymetric points from the boat survey with the echo sounder and 1, points from the walking survey with the GPS rover were used in the study. The points covered 4. GPS-surveyed points checked within 0. At the MIT PSFC, student and staff volunteers work together to increase the public's knowledge of fusion science and plasma technology. Seeking to generate excitement in young people about science and engineering, the PSFC hosts a number of educational outreach activities throughout the year, including Middle and High School Outreach Days.

The PSFC also has an in-school science-demonstration program on the theme of magnetism. Magnet," Technical Supervisor Paul Thomas brings a truck-load of hands-on demonstrations to K schools, challenging students to help him with experiments. This year he reached 82 schools -- 30, teachers and students. He has recently expanded his teaching to include an interactive demonstration of plasma, encouraging participants to investigate plasma properties with audiovisual, electromagnetic, and spectroscopic techniques.

He has also developed a workshop for middle school on how to build an electromagnet. These measurements offer an independent assessment of the dosimetry used at these two facilities, as well as provide information about the radiation quality not obtainable from conventional macrodosimetric techniques.

Moreover, they provide a direct measurement of the absorbed dose resulting from the BNC reaction. Finally, an intercomparison of the characteristics and radiation quality of these two clinical beams is presented. The techniques described here allow an accurate quantitative comparison of the physical absorbed dose as well as a measure of the biological effectiveness of the absorbed dose delivered by different epithermal beams. No statistically significant differences were observed in the predicted RBEs of these two beams. The methodology presented here can help to facilitate the effective sharing of clinical results in an effort to demonstrate the clinical utility of BNCT.

Gedanken und Experimente nach Einstein, Podolsky und Rosen.

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Physikalische Systeme sind im Prinzip separierbar. Diese erweisen einmal mehr die Quantenmechanik als richtige Theorie. Thoughts and Experiments after Einstein, Podolsky and RosenSince the advent of quantum mechanics there have been attempts of its interpretation in terms of statistical theory concerning individual classical systems. The very conditions necessary to consider hidden variable theories describing these individual systems as classical had been pointed out by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen in 1.

Physical systems are in principle separable. If it is possible to. It is broadly expressed in the hippocampal and cortical neurons, the regions which play a key role in memory formation. They can, therefore, affect a wide array of neurobiological functions. Knocking down mitochondrial iron transporter MIT reprograms primary and secondary metabolism in rice plants.

Iron Fe is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and development, and its reduced bioavailability strongly impairs mitochondrial functionality. In this work, the metabolic adjustment in the rice Oryza sativa mitochondrial Fe transporter knockdown mutant mit -2 was analysed. Biochemical characterization of purified mitochondria from rice roots showed alteration in the respiratory chain of mit -2 compared with wild-type WT plants. In particular, proteins belonging to the type II alternative NAD P H dehydrogenases accumulated strongly in mit -2 plants, indicating that alternative pathways were activated to keep the respiratory chain working.

Additionally, large-scale changes in the transcriptome and metabolome were observed in mit -2 rice plants. This was reflected by changes in the metabolic profiles in both roots and shoots of mit -2 plants. Significant alterations in the levels of amino acids belonging to the aspartic acid-related pathways aspartic acid, lysine, and threonine in roots, and aspartic acid and ornithine in shoots were found that are strictly connected to the Krebs cycle. Furthermore, some metabolites e. These findings suggest that the induction of local Fe deficiency in the mitochondrial compartment of mit -2 plants differentially affects the transcript as well as the metabolic profiles in root and shoot tissues.

In einigen Bereichen sind viele Antibiotika bei bakteriellen Infektionen, die zuvor noch gut auf antibakterielle Wirkstoffe reagierten, mittlerweile wirkungslos geworden. Daher wurden topische Retinoide und Benzoylperoxid als Mittel der ersten Wahl definiert. Monotherapien mit lokalen Antibiotika sollten insgesamt vermieden werden. There were no standards for the validation and verification of tsunami numerical models before Indian Ocean tsunami. Even, number of numerical models has been used for inundation mapping effort, evaluation of critical structures, etc.

NCTR presented analytical, experimental and field benchmark problems aimed to estimate maximum runup and accepted widely by the community.

Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM)

These benchmark problems concentrated toward validation and verification of tsunami numerical models on tsunami currents. Port Coastal Ocean Eng. The modeling results are compared with the required benchmark data, providing good agreements and results are discussed. However, mechanisms regulating its transcriptional activity are unclear. Here, we identified a Zn II 2Cys6-type methanol-induced transcription factor 1 Mit 1 and elucidated its roles in regulating PAOX1 activity in response to glycerol and methanol.

Mit 1 regulated the expression of many genes involved in methanol utilization pathway, including AOX1, but did not participate in peroxisome proliferation and transportation of peroxisomal proteins during methanol metabolism. Structural analysis of Mit 1 by performing domain deletions confirmed its specific and critical role in the strict repression of P AOX1 in glycerol medium. However, these factors cooperatively activated P AOX1 through a cascade. The mechanism of iron Fe uptake in plants has been extensively characterized, but little is known about how Fe transport to different subcellular compartments affects Fe localization in rice seed.

The accumulation of zinc, copper, and manganese also changed significantly in the shoots of osvit2 plants. The growth of osvit2 plants was also slow compared to that of WT plants. The concentration of Fe increased in osvit2 polished seeds. Previously, we reported that the expression of OsVIT2 was higher in MIT knockdown mit -2 plants, and in this study, the accumulation of Fe in mit -2 seeds decreased significantly. These results suggest that vacuolar Fe trafficking is important for plant Fe homeostasis and distribution, especially in plants grown in the presence of excess Fe.

Moreover, changes in the expression of OsVIT2 and MIT affect the concentration and localization of metals in brown rice as well as in polished rice seeds. Liquid metal plasma facing components PFCs provide a constantly refreshing, self-healing surface that can reduce erosion and thermal stress damage to prolong device lifetime, and additionally decrease edge recycling, reduce impurities, and enhance plasma performance. This TEMHD effect drives liquid lithium in fusion systems using the plasma heat flux and the toroidal magnetic field, and the surface tension of the liquid lithium maintains a fresh surface on top of the solid trenches.

The next step is demonstrating system viability in full-scale fusion-relevant conditions. Existing infrastructure is used to load and supply lithium to the system, and the Li MIT trenches will help maintain a smooth, fresh surface as well as aid in propelling the lithium out of direct plasma flux to improve heat transfer.

Education Outreach at M. Plasma Science and Fusion Center. At the MIT PSFC student and staff volunteers work together to increase the public's knowledge of fusion and plasma-related experiments. Seeking to generate excitement about science, engineering and mathematics, the PSFC holds a number of outreach activities throughout the year, including Middle and High School Outreach Days and the Mr. Magnet program. The game will eventually be available on the web and on disc.

The Competition invited student teams from any US university to submit student-led ventures that demonstrate a high potential of successfully making clean energy more affordable, with a positive impact on the environment. Teams receive valuable mentoring and hard deadlines that complement the cash prize to accelerate development of ventures. Long-lived mitochondrial Mit mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans utilize a novel metabolism. The Caenorhabditis elegans mitochondrial Mit mutants have disrupted mitochondrial electron transport chain ETC functionality, yet, surprisingly, they are long lived.

We have previously proposed that Mit mutants supplement their energy needs by exploiting alternate energy production pathways normally used by wild-type animals only when exposed to hypoxic conditions. We have also proposed that longevity in the Mit mutants arises as a property of their new metabolic state. If longevity does arise as a function of metabolic state, we would expect to find a common metabolic signature among these animals.

To test these predictions, we established a novel approach monitoring the C. Using HPLC-ultraviolet-based metabolomics and multivariate analyses, we show that long-lived clk-1 qm30 and isp-1 qm Mit mutants have a common metabolic profile that is distinct from that of aerobically cultured wild-type animals and, unexpectedly, wild-type animals cultured under severe oxygen deprivation.

Moreover, we show that 2 short-lived mitochondrial ETC mutants, mev-1 kn1 and ucr We show that removal of soluble fumarate reductase unexpectedly increases health span in several genetically defined Mit mutants, identifying at least 1 alternate energy production pathway, malate dismutation, that is operative in these animals. Our study suggests long-lived, genetically specified Mit mutants employ a novel metabolism and that life span may well arise as a function of metabolic state.

VORWORT. Prof. Thomas Vogel Institut für Baustatik und Konstruktion

Zum direkten Vergleich mit konventionellen Angiographien wurde ein Verfahren zur automatischen Generierung von Projektionsansichten aus den CT-Daten entwickelt. Structural analysis of Mit 1 by performing domain deletions confirmed its specific and critical role in the strict repression of PAOX1 in glycerol medium.

However, these factors cooperatively activated PAOX1 through a cascade. PCC pavement thickness determination is an important incentivedisincentive : measurement for the Iowa DOT and contractors. A federal appeals court has given the Massachusetts Institute of Technology another chance to prove in court that the Overlap Group, of which MIT was a member, did not violate antitrust laws. The group of 23 colleges set common financial-aid awards for students admitted to more than one institution.

This paper presents ideas on ways to help graduate students in political science to become more marketable for nonacademic positions. It also includes background information on the changing employment market for Ph. These ideas were discussed at a meeting of teachers, graduate students, and recent Ph. The purpose of the…. Aus Wirtschaft und Betrieb. Biomasse: Gewinnung und Verarbeitung mit Profilschal-maschinen.

Keine der zusammen mit den Kiefern vorkommenden Laubholzarten wurde bisher in nennenswertem Umfan verwertet. Auch heute Given the recent plethora of open educational resources OER , such as the OCW, the growing use of such resources by the…. How Much Have They Retained? TEAL has created a collaborative, hands-on environment where students carry out desktop experiments, submit web-based assignments, and have access to a host of visualizations and….

Educational Outreach at the M. Plasma Fusion Center. Educational outreach at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center consists of volunteers working together to increase the public's knowledge of fusion and plasma-related experiments. Seeking to generate excitement about science, engineering and mathematics, the PFC holds a number of outreach activities throughout the year, such as Middle and High School Outreach Days.

Outreach also includes the Mr. Magnet Program, which uses an interactive strategy to engage elementary school children. Included in this year's presentation will be a new and improved C-MOD Jr, a confinement video game which helps students to discover how computers manipulate magnetic pulses to keep a plasma confined for as long as possible. The goal of the MIT mission is to understand the coupling of the magnetosphere and ionosphere from the prospective of particles.

It will focus on the outflow of the ionosphere particles mainly oxygen ions from the Earth, including the acceleration mechanisms of oxygen ions and their relative importance in different regions, the importance of these ions while transferred into the magnetosphere and the roles they played in magnetosphere activities. A constellation of four satellites orbiting at three elliptical orbits will provide the unique opportunities to observed there ions at three different altitude with temporal changes of the flux of these particles and the magnetic field environments.

The conceptual design of the spacecraft and a summary of the payload will be presented. The MIT mission was selected as one of the five candidates for the upcoming mission plan in China. The final 'phaseout' year of the CMPD ended July ; a no cost extension was requested until May in order to enable the MIT subcontract funds to be fully utilized.

M. Staun's Documents

MIT Hacking Medicine is a student, academic, and community-led organization that uses systems-oriented "healthcare hacking" to address challenges around innovation in healthcare. The group has organized more than 80 events around the world that attract participants with diverse backgrounds.

These participants are trained to address clinical needs from the perspective of multiple stakeholders and emphasize utility and implementation viability of proposed solutions. We describe the MIT Hacking Medicine model as a potential method to integrate collaboration and training in rapid innovation techniques into academic medical centers. Built upon a systems approach to healthcare innovation, the time-compressed but expertly guided nature of the events could enable more widely accessible preliminary training in systems-level innovation methodology, as well as creating a structured opportunity for interdisciplinary congregation and collaboration.

As knowledge has become more closely tied to economic development, the interrelationship between academia and industry has become stronger. The result has been the emergence of what Slaughter and Leslie call academic capitalism. Inevitably, tensions between academia and industry arise; however, universities such as MIT and Stanford with long traditions of industry interaction have been able to achieve a balance between academic and market values.

This paper describes the strategies adopted by MIT and Stanford to achieve this balance. The results indicate that implicit culture is a stronger determinant of balance than are explicit rules. Finally, the author proposes a concept of balance to reconsider the relationship between academia and industry: today's universities, particularly those with strengths in engineering and management, are both symbiotic and interdependent with industry. A reasonable attitude toward the university-industry relationship is that of balance rather than strict separation. Universities can thus establish effective mechanisms to reach a balance between conflicting values.

Additionally the system is capable of running the dextrous hand in robotic autonomous mode as new programs are developed. The software and hardware architecture used is presented and the experiments performed are described. The communication and calibration issues involved are analyzed and applications to the analysis and development of automated dextrous manipulations are investigated.

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The neurosciences research program at MIT and the beginning of the modern field of neuroscience. Schmitt and a group of US and international scientists - physical, biological, medical, and behavioral - interested in understanding the brain basis of behavior and mind. They organized and held specialist meetings of basic topics in neuroscience, and the journal and book publications over the next 20 years, based on these meetings, helped establish the new field.

Canizares, C. Particular attention is given to the development of the critical technologies incorporated into these instruments, including BCS diffractors, imaging gas flow proportional counters, and grating elements for the HETG. The principal stages and the current status of the developments are reviewed. Prospective observational study. Antenatal clinics and wards at St.

Thomas' Hospital London, UK. Forty-five pregnant women including 15 with pre-eclampsia. Nine sequential same arm blood pressure BP measurements were taken from each woman by trained observers, alternating between mercury sphygmomanometry and the test device. The mean difference SD between the mercury standard and the device in pregnancy was To date, this is the most accurate automated BP device validated in pre-eclampsia.

Published by Elsevier B. Embryonic expression of zebrafish MiT family genes tfe3b, tfeb, and tfec. Mitf is well-known for its essential role in the development of melanocytes, however the functions of the other members of this family, and of interactions between them, are less well understood. We have now characterized the complete set of MiT genes from zebrafish, which totals six instead of four.

The zebrafish genome contain two mitf mitfa and mitfb , two tfe3 tfe3a and tfe3b , and single tfeb and tfec genes; this distribution is shared with other teleosts. We present here the sequence and embryonic expression patterns for the zebrafish tfe3b, tfeb, and tfec genes, and identify a new isoform of tfe3a. These findings will assist in elucidating the roles of the MiT gene family over the course of vertebrate evolution. A metabolic signature for long life in the Caenorhabditis elegans Mit mutants.

Mit mutations that disrupt function of the mitochondrial electron transport chain can, inexplicably, prolong Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan. When the expression of DLD in wild-type animals was reduced using RNA interference we observed an unprecedented effect on lifespan - as RNAi dosage was increased lifespan was significantly shortened, but, at higher doses, it was significantly lengthened, suggesting that DLD plays a unique role in modulating length of life. Our findings provide novel insight into the origin of the Mit phenotype. When the expression of DLD in wild type animals was reduced using RNA interference we observed an unprecedented effect on lifespan - as RNAi dosage was increased lifespan was significantly shortened but, at higher doses, it was significantly lengthened, suggesting DLD plays a unique role in modulating length of life.

The critical role of chitin synthases in oomycete hyphal tip growth has been established. A microtubule interacting and trafficking MIT domain was discovered in the chitin synthases of the oomycete model organism, Saprolegnia monoica. This chain of customizable programs can be quickly implemented to fit each customer's needs.

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